ConcreteBannerImage2Do you have a concrete floor that’s starting to look old and worn?

Are you concerned that it reflects poorly on your facility, or that it may even be a safety hazard? Good news! You do not have to demolish your concrete to have a smooth, fresh, bright floor again. AetnaIS can polish your concrete flooring so it looks as good as new. All of our industry experts are certified and trained to return your concrete to a state of exceptional appearance with our concrete polishing services. We have helped many businesses across industries transform their facilities’ floors into beautiful polished concrete that makes it clear that they take their business seriously.

Intextimage.1Concrete polishing isn’t performed for solely aesthetic purposes. Not only does concrete polishing make your floors look like new, it also increases the strength of concrete, making your floors more durable for years to come. Polished concrete will never scratch or fade, nor will it stain. Virtually indestructible, polished concrete is a great option for even the roughest of industrial uses, which is why we have clients from many industries, including manufacturing, health care, education, pharmaceuticals, and more. Cleaning is easier, absorption resistance is heightened, and color can even be added to match your design aesthetic. Polished concrete is high-impact resistant and light reflective. Concrete polishing ensures that you have beautiful, easy-to-clean flooring for years to come, making it a cost-effective option as well. Clearly, there are many benefits to concrete polishing for your industrial facility.

Why Polished Concrete Makes Sense For Your Building

  • Extends the life of your floor
  • Keeps your floor looking clean
  • Floors are not slippery (meets and exceeds OSHA standards)
  • Polished concrete requires minimal maintenance

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