So you’re opening a commercial garage or mechanics shop? Congratulations! Owning your own business is a great feeling and from the get-go you want to do things right. This business is your baby. One decision that’s often overlooked when opening a garage is the flooring, which isn’t that surprising. Sure, your commercial garage could operate with a plain concrete floor, but here are three reasons that you should definitely install an epoxy floor coating in your new business.

Protect Your Investment

Having professionals install an epoxy floor coating into your commercial garage space can protect that concrete floor from many different kinds of damage. The epoxy acts as a shield that will help keep the concrete from chipping when tools are dropped, for example. Additionally, if the foundation shifts slightly and the concrete tries to crack, the epoxy helps to maintain the floor’s integrity.

Keep Things Clean

We all know commercial garages and mechanic spaces regularly have messes all over the floor. From grease and oil to water and grime, cars bring in a lot of debris. In many cases, this gunk can stain a concrete floor. The epoxy coating is easy to clean and stain resistant meaning that very little will stick to these floors.

Reduce Liability

In wetter climes, it’s easy to slip and fall on a wet floor. Concrete gets especially slippery when exposed to water. Professionally installed epoxy floors can have an aggregate mixed into the top coat, leaving the floor with a feeling that’s a little like sandpaper. This results in more traction and less chance of having to address a workers compensation claim because of a fall.

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