Epoxy floor coating is a durable, chemically resistant, and aesthetically pleasing finish for your industrial flooring. It can withstand even the most demanding industrial facilities, and even looks great. So what exactly is epoxy? The two primary components are resin and hardener. When combined, the chemical reaction creates a hard plastic material which is great at bonding to surfaces. When we install epoxy coating to your floor, we apply multiple layers of epoxy until we reach the desired thickness, creating the glossy, durable layer you need over your industrial flooring. There are several different kinds of epoxy flooring:

Epoxy Mortar

This is the strongest epoxy on the market, combined with graded sand to provide chemical resistance and high durability.

Epoxy Anti-Static

Epoxy Anti-Static is used in environments that are static sensitive, such as electronic or chemical plants. It prevents static discharge, which helps prevent fires and explosions.


Self-leveling epoxy is a popular option for kitchens, athletic and manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and anywhere that needs to be slip and chemical resistance. It is also very visually appealing.

Metallic Epoxy

This type of epoxy floor coatings gives the floor a three-dimensional appearance. It is the most aesthetically interesting option with its added gloss and color, and has the same durability as other epoxy floor coating options.


This type of epoxy flooring uses quartz granules to create an aesthetically appealing look, plus exceptional durability. This is often seen in schools, office lobbies, restrooms, and cafeterias.

Epoxy Flake

This type of epoxy flooring uses colored chips to add a colorful effect. The chips have the added benefit of creating a slightly rough surface to prevent slips and falls.
Regardless of the type of epoxy floor coating you choose, Aetna Integrated Services can install it. Call us today for a quote.