When most people think of concrete floors, they imagine something that’s boring and gray. Although there are many benefits to using concrete flooring in your industrial facility, it can leave something to be desired aesthetically. Concrete polishing is one option for beautification of concrete floors, but it’s not the only option.

In residential environments, it’s become popular to use concrete staining as a way to improve the look of a concrete floor without sacrificing any of its utilitarian benefits. This is also a tactic that can be employed by commercial property owners to improve the beauty and function of schools, factories, health care facilities, and more.

Wondering whether polishing or concrete staining is the best option? Here are some comparisons that can help.

Price Point

As with any building improvement project, many of our clients are concerned with the cost of concrete staining versus polishing. Although Aetna Integrated Services strives to always provide competitive pricing, it’s important to point out that concrete polishing is typically a few dollars more per square foot than concrete staining. This price is elevated simply because polishing requires more equipment and effort on the part of the flooring professional

Traffic Volume

While both offer benefits, it’s important to realize that stained and polished concrete floors must be used in the right environments. A polished floor makes sense in high traffic areas, as it can stand up to the wear and tear over time. Though arguably more beautiful, a stained concrete floor makes sense for smaller, lower traffic areas, such as a lobby, break room, or waiting room.


Another important variable to consider when choosing between concrete polishing and staining is how much effort you want to spend maintaining the floor. No type of flooring is zero maintenance, but a polished concrete floor becomes more sealed over time, meaning that it requires slightly less maintenance in comparison to a stained concrete floor.

Aetna Integrated Services offers a variety of services for concrete floors, so we can help you decide which type is best for your facility. Contact us today.