When a patient visits a health care provider, there are certain expectations that come with being in a clinic or other health care facility. You expect everything to be orderly, clean, and professional. In many respects, those operating businesses health care industry must meet specific certification standards. It all starts with the initial construction of a facility and then carries through into how the facility is run. Whether you’re doing a new build or upgrading a pre-existing one, choosing epoxy floor coatings for your health care clinic or facility is the perfect choice.  Here are three reasons why.

Certification Standards

Health care facilities have additional building requirements in order to maintain their certification. From the width of the hallways to the need to have a sink in every exam room, these standards are the difference between being open for business and being shut down. This even includes the flooring. Epoxy floorings meet health care industry standards and provide a clean, professional finish to your health care facility.

Easy to Clean

Epoxy floorings are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. They resist degradation from high traffic and harsh cleaning chemicals. A sturdy epoxy floor will look great while repelling liquids. Additionally, epoxy coatings are non-porous and won’t absorb anything that builds up on it.

Antimicrobial and Stain Resistant

Choosing epoxy floorings for a health care environment provides many benefits, but the most important benefit is being highly stain resistant and antimicrobial. Because of the non-porous nature of epoxy it won’t absorb stains, even if they’ve been sitting awhile. While it has natural antimicrobial properties it can also be treated with additional antimicrobial additives if necessary in a particular health care setting.