At Aetna Integrated Services, we are proud to provide our industrial facility services across a wide variety of locations. We started in Columbus, OH in 1936, and since then, we have expanded to locations in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Our business has grown and thrived due to our attention to detail, commitment to our clients, professional certifications and training, and passion for our work. If your facility in Pittsburgh needs attention, Aetna Integrated Services would be happy to provide.

In particular, we are specialists in industrial flooring services. We offer our clients epoxy floor coatings and concrete polishing services because we know how beneficial this can be to your company. When your flooring is dirty, scratched, or damaged, it is not only unsightly, it can be hazardous for your employees. Fortunately, both our epoxy coating and concrete polishing services can erase the damage to your floor and have it looking like new in a jiffy. We also offer cleaning services, including post-construction clean-up and high bay cleanings. We know that cleanliness is an important factor in both the health and happiness of your employees; that is why we are meticulous in making sure that you rid your facility of dust and grime. Whether your Pittsburgh facility is a higher education institute, pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, a healthcare facility, or tech company, we can come in and make it look like new.

Do you need more information? Contact Aetna Integrated Services today for more information about our industrial facility services in the Pittsburgh area.