In Indianapolis, IN, Aetna Integrated Services provides high quality industrial facility services to all of our clients. From epoxy floor coatings to high bay cleaning to OSHA line striping to concrete polishing, we offer a variety of services to help bring your Indianapolis area facility up to tip-top shape.

Aetna Integrated Services began providing industrial facility services in 1936 in Columbus, Ohio. Today, we now service facilities all over Ohio, as well as locations in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Our wide scope and decades of experience speak to just how skilled in and passionate about our work we are. We are proud to be Indianapolis’s Top Rated Local® industrial services group.

Our clients include healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, tech companies, financial services businesses, utility companies, multi-tenant buildings, and higher education institutions. Whatever your industry, Aetna Integrated Services can service your Indianapolis facility to meet your high standards. We are all OSHA-certified, ensuring that we are up to code and well-educated about the work that we provide. We also exclusively use environmentally friendly products, and ensure that all of our methods are sustainable. Whether you are a financial services business, a higher education institution, or a pharmaceutical manufacturer, we can come into your facility and provide the service you need. We specialize in industrial flooring, so if your concrete floors need epoxy coating or polishing, we can come in and leave your floors sparkling like new.
If you are interested in our industrial flooring or cleaning services for your Indianapolis location, contact us here. For information regarding our janitorial services, visit